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You’ve decided to pay us a visit for an afternoon, a whole day, or maybe you’re planning a longer stay. Whether you’re looking for something to do that allows you to combine activities of tourist interest (local heritage, architecture) with an open-air physical activity, or whether you’d like to take on a sporting challenge, the Leguer Valley Mountain Bike Centre has been made with you in mind.

The 5th mountain biking area officially recognised by the Regional Cotes d’Armor Council, the Leguer Valley Mountain Bike Centre is made up of 15 circuits specifically devoted to mountain biking. These circuits will involve you crossing moorland, climbing the peaks of Mene Bre, Mene Hoguene or Mene Kerespers; following the rivers Guic, Leguer or Jaudy; riding through the forests of Coat-an-Noz, Coat-an-Hay, or Beffou; pedalling on sunken tracks…a panoply of landscapes and countryside that will delight you.

Just as you find on ski-slopes, each circuit is represented by a colour code : green, blue, red or black. Each of these colours corresponds to a level of difficulty that takes account of the distance covered, the height of the ascents involved, and the technical difficulty of the ride. There are then in all 4 sorts of circuits : “family”, “casual”, “sporting” and “professional”. This means that whether you’re just an amateur mountain-biker, or a real enthusiast, you will be able to select a circuit adapted to your capacities.

The Leguer Valley Mountain Bike Centre is about more however than a simple collection of circular bike rides. It also includes numerous services and equipment. You can for example, take advantage of our 2 cleaning stations (at the camping-car park in Belle-isle-en-Terre, and at the municipal football pitch at La Chapelle-Neuve), a high-quality system of signposts and markers, the facility of renting out a variety of materials (mountain bikes, helmets, child-seats….) as well as the chance to take part in guided rides, organised at set times during the year by a licensed monitor holding a BEESAC license (State Licence for Sports Instructor for Cycling Activities).

Open all year, the circuits can be used 24/7

So whether you’re here as a family, with friends or with your cycling club, make up your mind to come and try the circuits at the Leguer Valley Mountain Bike Centre.

For further information please contact the Belle-isle-en-Terre tourist office or visit our website at

Plan général de la Station - 200 km
Belle-Isle-en-Terre - Circuit 1 -13,5 km
Belle-Isle-en-Terre - Circuit 2 et 3 - 27 km et 31 km
Belle-Isle-en-Terre - Circuits 4,5 et 6 - 34-38-45 km
Belle-Isle-en-Terre - Circuits 7 et 8 - 65 et 73 km
Louargat - Circuit 9 - 14 km
Tréglamus - circuit 10 - 11 km
La Chapelle-Neuve - Circuit 11 et 12 - 40 et 17 km
Loc-Envel - Circuit 13 - 8 km
Gurunuhuel - Circuit 14 - 15,5 km
Plougonver - Circuit 15 - 7 km


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