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The Commune of La Chapelle Neuve is located in the South-West of the Cotes d’Armor department. It has a surface area of 2378 hectares of which 1700 are currently used for agricultural purposes.

The main roads connecting the area are :

· The RN12, take the Belle-Isle-en-Terre exit, then the CD54
· The Guingamp-Carhaix trunk road taking the VC2
· The “Beffou” road through the forest from Loguivy Plougras
· The local road No 2 from Lohuec
· The Callac and Calanhel road

The commune lies between 185m and 304m above sea level. It is located in the Belle-Isle-en-Terre canton, the district of Guingamp, and the department of Cotes d’Armor, whose administrative centre and prefecture is Saint Brieuc.

The 419 permanent residents as listed in the 2007 census are known as the “Chapelle-Neuvois” and the “Chapelle-Neuvoises”.

At one time a district of Plougonver, elevated to the rank of parish in 1860, the village of La Chapelle Neuve had its origins in connection with the Notre-Dame de Pitie chapel. It became the administrative centre of the parish in 1862, and was recognised as a commune by an official decree of 1873.

With a hilly landscape, characterised by a rich network of hedgerows and banks protecting its fields, it is an area known for its fishing and hunting. It also boasts a strong cultural identity ( Breton language, music, story-telling and legends), granite and schist dwellings.

This commune was ruled by the noble families Kermeno and Botloy-Koatalek : this is confirmed by the coats-of-arms. The Koataleks invariably pursued a military career, but one of them was of a scientific bent and decided to go and study in the world’s leading universities along with his neighbour the Baron of Penarstang. They became skilful magicians, but the inhabitants of Chapel Nevez were wary of them. One day Koatalek , in order to outdo his associate Penarstang, decided to cut himself up into pieces and then resurrect himself. For reasons which nobody knows, something went wrong, and he died. His wife is reputed to live still at Kermeno in an invisible palace. Such is the legend which the ghosts of the past whisper into the ears of the visitor who bends down at the entrance to the secret tunnel. Careful tourists will be content to view the carved panels of the altar and the ancient statues. La Chapelle Neuve, whose name is connected to the church, became a parish in 1862. It was only in 1873 that it became a commune. It’s northern boundary is the Beffou forest whilst the village itself is built around a 16th century chapel.


A few examples of La Chapelle-Neuve's heritage:
> Notre-Dame de Pitié church
> Oratory fountain and cross
> Forest and Countryside Discovery Centre
> Calvary Spern ar Groas




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