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10 walks exploring the Leguer Valley in a new light (a walk in English)

A choice of treasure hunts is on the “menu”, permitting you to explore in a new and play-based way, the protected environment of the Leguer valley.

Set out to explore the region’s walks with the help of a SatNav (or of an IPad or Smartphone with a SatNav walking app), to unearth a treasure. Your path will be full of booby traps, and there are plenty of mysteries to unlock before you can succeed.

What if you don’t possess a walking SatNav or Smartphone?

You can rent one from the below:

- The Belle-isle-en-Terre tourist office (02 96 43 01 71)
- The Plouaret Heritage office (La maison du patrimoine – 02 96 38 33 84)
- The Cavan tourist information centre (02 96 35 99 40)

Rental rates are set at 4 euros for a half day, and 6 euros for a full day . On top of that, you will be asked to supply a cheque as guarantee for 200 euros per SatNav.


Ten treasures have been placed in a variety of locations in the Leguer valley at various levels of difficulty, so that whether you’re 7 or 107 you’ll be able to participate.

Each of the treasures contains a different badge – will you be able to find the whole set before the end of summer?

Hurry to download the practical information you need to take part in the treasure hunts by yourself, as well as maps to guide you!
It’s also possible to get hold of the sheets in the SatNav rental points
On with your walking boots and join us!


To download:

The principles of “geocoaching” in the Leguer valley

Map containing the location of the walks


New for 2016:

"In the footsteps of the lords of Bourgerel" at Plougonver (4km – easy)

"Following the sunken lanes in the company of Marc’harit Fulup" at Pluzunet (6km – easy)

"Memories of stone" at Plouaret (4m – easy)


Other treasure hunts:

"In search of the 9 silver rings" at Tonquedec (6km – moderate)

"On the tracks of the amethysts" at Vieux-Marche (4,5km – easy)

"A small village in the heart of the countryside" at La Chapelle-Neuve (5km – easy)

"The metalworking adventure" at Belle-isle-en-terre / Loc-Envel (3,4 kms – easy) (In English)

"The devil is still laughing about it" at Kernansquillec at Plounevez-Moedec (5,3km – difficult)

"On Goariva mountain" at Plougras (4km – easy)

"Between the 2 standing stones (menhirs)"at Louargat (8km – moderate)


> More information :



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